VIDEO: Police Call 55-Kilo Cocaine Seizure a Win for Community Safety

A major drug bust at the Ambassador Bridge in February appears to be part of a criminal organization that was allegedly trafficking millions of dollars' worth of "nearly pure" cocaine from Mexico.

The OPP say they have "effectively dismantled" the organization as part of Project Tattler.  That investigation began in December of 2017 — resulting in the seizure of 55-kg of cocaine worth $5.5-million on its way into Ontario on Feb. 19.

Police say a man was driving a large transport truck from California with an "elaborate" hidden compartment housing 55 1-kg bricks of cocaine behind a speaker.

The seizure was part of a joint effort between the Canada Border Services Agency, Homeland Security and OPP that Const. Martin Hachey says isn't just a win for law enforcement.

"It's for the community as well; this was going to end up in the hands of various individuals in our communities, possibly even our youth. This would have destroyed lives and could have possibly had overdoses involved ... possibly even deaths," he says.

Detective Inspector Mark Loader says the message to criminals is clear.

"Your actions will be met with great resistance in a collaborative effort from the OPP and our other law enforcement agencies that we're partnered up with," says Loader. "We will seek the harshest penalties possible under the Criminal Code of Canada in conjunction with our public prosecution service of Canada."

Around $800,000 has also been seized along with a pickup truck, a tractor trailer and two off-road-vehicles that police allege were the proceeds of crime.

Three Ontario men are facing 50 charges, including importation of a schedule one substance into Canada, trafficking, conspiracy, and possession of the proceeds of crime.