VIDEO: Pot Store Owner Surrenders To Windsor Police

The owner of a marijuana store on Tecumseh Rd. West has turned himself in to Windsor police.

Leo Lucier — owner of Compassion House — walked into the Goyeau St. police headquarters on Wednesday and was arrested.

"It's a legal substance, how can it be illegal?" says Lucier,"Because the government says you can't sell it here, we get to monopolize, that's a cartel. The federal government is organized crime I'm sick and tired of it. It's a cartel they use the police to do their little door kick-ins on people's houses for cannabis"

Lucier says he wasn't selling the cannabis to people who were suffering.

"I gave all kinds of stuff for free to people with cancer, HIV, you name it. They came in sick, you left and I didn't take your money on that. I've got a problem with doing that," he says.

When it comes to being charged, Lucier says this is something he's willing to go to jail for.

"I'm not taking the bullshit from the chief or anybody down here, I'm no pushover, I'm 48-years-old, lock me up for the rest of my life that's how strong I am on my convictions to help out the poor. Call me Robin Hood," says Lucier.

Windsor police spokesperson Constable Andrew Drouillard says the Guns and Drugs Unit (DIGS) is still sifting through the items seized from the store and haven't determined a value and that marijuana laws have been well publicized.

"Our police service and the government has done a great job getting that message across to varies communities across Canada on what those laws are and what the responsibilities are of citizens if they do decide to engage in buying cannabis, selling cannabis, things of that nature," says Drouillard.   

Under the federal Cannabis Act the charges could result in jail time up to 14 years if the Crown proceeds with them as indictable offences.

If the charges are dealt with as summary conviction it would result in fines.

While recreational marijuana use became legal in Canada on October 17, retail pot shops are not allowed to operate in Ontario until April of next year.