VIDEO: Protest Planned to Push for Highway 3 Expansion


Commuters might want to avoid Highway 3 September 7th because if Ray Sterling has his way, it's going to be slow going.

Sterling is organizing a protest to slow or even bring traffic to a halt in an effort to get the attention of Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Sterling tells CTV Windsor he's been knocked to the ground on the stretch of road between Leamington and Essex, but the loss of his friend Tyler Knight was the last straw.

Knight was struck head-on by a vehicle on June 7th and died.

While Sterling's physical injuries have healed from his crash, the emotional wounds have reopened after Knights death.

 "A friend of mine, Tyler Knight, he got killed right there, for, as far as I'm concerned, no reason. In 2015, I got wiped out right on this highway. How many people have to get maimed on this highway before they're going to open it up? How many governments have we gone through that said that they're going to open this up," he says.

Sterling hopes holding up one of the busiest transportation routes in the county will push Ford towards fulfilling his promise to widen Highway 3.

"I want him here, I want him to explain to everybody why we're not twining this, is it going to happen overnight? No it's not, but something has to move on it."

Chatham-Kent-Leamington Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls doesn't think the protest is a good idea.

"I have advised, personally, the individual responsible for that particular rally and advised him not to do it," he says.

Nicholls is asking for patience.

"It takes time to build or to twin, there's a lot of paperwork and a lot of regulations that have to be followed."

The Ministry of Transportation tells CTV Windsor the environment assessment for the widening in the Town of Essex was completed in 2017 - the assessment from Essex to Leamington is still underway and they have plans to announce their Highway Expansion Priorities in the coming months 
A timeline Sterling says simply isn't good enough.