VIDEO: Protesters Want All Animals Taken From Owner Of Removed Horse

An animal cruelty protest is underway in Windsor. 

Dozens of people gathered on County Road 42 at the 9th Concession claiming animals on the property are being abused.

Yesterday, the Humane Society removed a horse so it could be examined by a vet.

Mary Drouillard says protestors are worried about dogs and several other horses on the property.


The horse is taken away from its owner August 10, 2017. (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

"I want them to surrender the animals to good homes, everybody falls on hard times. It's not about that, it's about the animals, get them off this property, get them fed, get them to a vet," says Drouillard.

She told AM800 News complaints about how the animals are being treated have been ignored.

"Why are we ignored, why don't we matter, we want somebody held accountable the Humane Society, the OSPCA [Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,] somebody needs to be here and investigate them," she says.

Caretaker Shawn Berthiaume says the one mare is thin because she's very old. 

He told AM800 News the animals are all being cared for.