VIDEO: Regional Transit From Leamington to Windsor Close

Regional transit is just a decision away across Essex County.

A motion comes to Windsor's Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee in a week.

That committee also serves as the Transit Windsor board.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says a lot of background preparation has already been done, and adds if it gets the approval -- people across the county will have transit connection to Windsor.

"This will be service that operates six days a week Monday through Friday as well as Saturday and it will allow really to build on the bones of the regional transit system and expand on that system to be even more meaningful," says Dilkens. "There's been a lot of work done with the Town of Leamington and our partners out there, they've been really great to work with as well as the partners in Essex and in Kingsville."

Dilkens tells AM800 News a lot of work has been done to look at serving all residents.

"It's really about trying to find the routing and the timing that makes sense for the employers in the area, that makes sense for kids who want to get to St. Clair College and even to the University of Windsor," says Dilkens. 

The mayor says a $606,000 infusion of money from Queens Park to the Town of Leamington made this possible.

If the proposal gets the green light, there will be a 45 month pilot project starting in July and running to March 2023.

Dilkens says that will allow enough time to see how the service is used and fine tune the schedule.

Initially there will be a morning, mid-day and evening run from the county through the week and twice on weekends.

It will cost $10 for a one-way ticket, $15 for two-way or a monthly pass would cost $250.

The proposed stops for the services are the Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex, to St. Clair College, with a stops in Kingsville and Essex at their respective recreation facilities.