VIDEO: Residents Hold Event Of Support For Girl Struck By Transit Windsor Bus

In a show of support, close to 50-members of the community gathered at the scene of an accident that sent four-year-old Lila Jane to hospital in critical condition.

The incident happened just after 6pm last Saturday night on Prince Road near Barrymore Lane — right at the opening to Mic Mac Park — and sparked a petition for a crosswalk.

Lila's aunt Courtney Belanger tells AM800 News a delegation will go before city council with thousands of signatures in hand to ask for a safe crossing — a crossing nearby residents tell her is long overdue.

"There are actually people who live across the street from the park who have been pushing for this and it's really unfortunate that it took something like this for the city to see that this is a serious issue," she says.

She says the prospect of getting something in place soon is promising.

"They're saying we can push for this crosswalk to be in place before the end the summer because this park gets extremely busy in the summer time so we want this crosswalk here," says Belanger.

Nearby resident Bobby Dupuis got the ball rolling last week and that petition has now gathered more than 3,000 signatures. A Go Fund Me page set up in support of Lila has already hit more than $10,000 of its $15,000 goal.

An overwhelming amount of support in such a short period of time, according to Belanger.

"Honestly it's incredible, it makes you feel like your community has your back when something like this happens, it should take this, but it's nice to know the community is here for each other," she says.

Belanger says a group of concerned residents will bring its case for a crosswalk at the opening to Mic Mac Park to city council Monday night.

Lila remains in a medically induced coma in a London hospital with injuries to her head and leg, but while Belanger says her condition has improved slightly she is still in the Critical Care Unit.