VIDEO: Scorching Temperatures Can't Stop Social Media Day

It was a hot one for Social Media Day 2018 - but that didn't stop the community from hitting Lanspeary Park. 

The day was introduced by Mashable back in 2010 to celebrate social media's impact on global communication and has continued through groups like Windsor's WEtech Alliance with its eight annual Community Chalk Walk.

Matt Senechal is with Motor City Credit Union and took part in Saturday's event.

"It started as a chalk tweeting event just to get the word out about social media and the importance of it and now we just want people to start drawing messages and doing the same thing," Senechal says.

Still, he says showing the connection in the community is paramount.

"Continuing the conversation and getting more and more people to understand the value of social media," he says. "It's really about connecting the world and the entire community and that's why we have all these community leaders here today out here drawing on the ice rink."

Windsor Fire and Rescue busted out a sprinkler system to give everyone a break from the heat.