VIDEO: Sentencing Hearing in Brutal Attack on Windsor Student


A sentencing hearing for the three youths who have admitted to a brutal beating of a Herman High School student will continue next week.

The trio, who can't be named because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, sat in court Wednesday, often with their heads hung, as victim impact statements were read. 

On September 12, 2018 -- then 14-year-old Jayden Trudell was punched from behind in an alley near the school. He was picked up and dropped on his head causing a skull fracture, brain bleed, broken bones and other injuries.

Court heard from one of the youth's lawyers - Evan Weber - that the Crown is calling for a sentence of  five to seven months.  He asked that Justice Micheline Rawlins sentence his client to two to three months.

Court also heard victim impact statements from one of the victims, Jaxon Dasilva Trudell, as well as Jayden's mother Kelley Trudell and their grandfather Kevin Trudell.

Kevin Trudell was impressed with what his daughter said.

"The victim impact statements, my daughter's I hadn't heard." said Trudell " I thought it was great.  My grandson's Jackson I hadn't read his, I think he talked from the heart and this has affected him. I heard an apology from one of the accused, in there he says he was going to assist his friend that's why he attacked Jackson.  That's a lie."

Trudell was glad he had a chance to confront the accused in court.

"It gave me an opportunity to speak and say what I felt.  That it was an unprovoked attack.  He did not know these boys." explained Trudell "It was nice fro Jackson to speak what was on his mind and I didn't know what he was going to say I've never read his thing and I know this has bothered him quite a bit because he's carried that guilt."

Trudell tells AM800 News his opinion of what happened has not changed.

"It's nice to finally look them in the eye and say, like, you know, like I said in there, they had no regard for Jayden's life at all.  They didn't care about Jayden's life who he was or anything about him.  They just wanted to get on video and show their buddies tough they were and look at us."

Weber told the court his client has a tremendous amount of regret.

The victim's mother Kelley Trudell called the attack barbaric and disturbing.

The sentencing will resume next Wednesday.