VIDEO: Support for Proposal for Higher Speed Limit

The head of the Ontario Safety League doesn't have a problem with speed limits being increased on 400 series highways.

Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek has floated the idea with plans to do trials on some areas of the roadways to go from 100km/hour to 120km/hour.

Safety League President Brian Paterson told AM800 listeners on the Lynn Martin Show, there are some cautions.

He points out the limit is 110 km/h on similar roads in some other provinces, but only in the best conditions.

"That is the maximum approved speed in ideal conditions so we've had fog this morning, we've had rain for the last two days, none of those are ideal conditions," he says.

He hopes higher speed limits will mean greater involvement from policing.

"I think there's science that supports it, but it also requires significant enforcement," he says.

Paterson says the proposal does not include any increase in speed limits for commercial vehicle which will remain at 105 km/h.

He adds the Safety League is adamant the increased speed limit not alter the rules around charges for street racing laid at 150 km/h and higher.