VIDEO: Third Shift Extended at Windsor Assembly Plant

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Some hope for the 1,500 employees on the third shift at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

Unifor Local 444 says FCA Canada has decided to extend the life of the third shift until at least the end of 2019.

"We are ecstastic here today," says union President Dave Cassidy. "I can tell you this committee has worked hard, we are going to continue to work hard, our membership has been uneasy, it has been tough for them."

The union met with FCA management and Human Resources on Wednesday when the news was shared.

Cassidy tells AM800 News the extension is due to an increase in sales. 

"They have got sales continuing and we had five weeks down and you know, I don't know exactly where all the numbers come from, there is another fleet sale that is part of this," he says.

The third shift was originally scheduled to end at the end of September, but it was extended to October 21st because of a fleet sale.


Cassidy admits the news does not resolve the entire issues

"We need new product in Windsor, and we have been continuing with our meetings and we continue to meet with and now it is extended until the end of the year," says Cassidy. "It is not a final resolve by all means, but it extends it past and I'm hoping people see this as a positive."

The news is also expected to be well received by hundreds of employees at FCA feeder plants.

The Windsor Assembly Plant currently employs 6,000 workers and produces nearly 1,500 minivans a day when operating at full volume.

Unifor did announce in April that FCA is investing $355 million in the Windsor Assembly Plant in the hopes of landing a new product. But the automaker has made no official announcement.

The Windsor Assembly Plant underwent a $1 billion retooling in 2015 to start building the Chrysler Pacifica.