VIDEO: Thousands Gather In Leamington To Celebrate Canada With Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wished the country a happy birthday from the front steps of Highbury Canco in Leamington.

The town rolled out the red carpet for Trudeau Sunday — and while there was fanfare and good-times had — it was also an opportunity for many to try and catch the Prime Ministers attention on political issues.

Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau walks out to cheers, followed by O Canada #cklw @CTVWindsor

— Ricardo Veneza (@RicardoVeneza) July 1, 2018

Windsor's Maria Jose tells CTV News she just wanted to give Trudeau a portrait she painted of him last year and take the opportunity to see him in the flesh.

"It was surreal, it was just so hot, and just the people in the crowd, it just feels so surreal right now," she says. "To see someone like that you see on TV all the time in person, it was almost like seeing a celebrity. You feel the buzz and the security. It was just an incredible experience."

Justice for Migrant Workers Gabriel Allahdua tells CTV News he's looking to get the message out that not all workers are treated equally in Canada.

"Fairness in society, equality in society, creates a stable society, and that what Canada prides itself on," he says. "Red and white in my county means love, and Canada prides itself on love, but in truth and fact there's no love for every farm worker in Canada and we're asking Canada to extend that love to all the workers."

Vaden Earle adopted little girl from Haiti but her paperwork was lost in the earthquake of 2010 - the family has been in hiding in the Dominican Republic for the last nine years because the Dominican government has begun deporting Haitians.

Earle tells CTV News he wanted to make sure Trudeau knows he's still there waiting on a promise.

"Trudeau made a promise to me face-to-face a year ago to get her into Canada and I'm here to call him out on that promise," says Earle.

He says his pregnant wife will remain in Canada while he returns to the Dominican Republic to tend to his daughter.

Trudeau delivered his Canada Day address via satellite from Leamington to Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

— with files from CTV Windsor's Ricardo Veneza.

Still lots of energy for Trudeau despite the sweltering heat #cklw @CTVWindsor

— Ricardo Veneza (@RicardoVeneza) July 1, 2018

Trudeau out #cklw @CTVWindsor

— Ricardo Veneza (@RicardoVeneza) July 1, 2018