VIDEO: Tilbury Dealership Broken Into -- Again

There has been a break-in at Tilbury Auto Sales and RV.

Service Advisor Shelly Belanger says the break-in happened earlier this week at its dealership on County Road 42 West.

She says three items worth more than $50,000 were taken including two Sport UTV's  and a 2011 Arctic Cat ATV.

Belanger tells AM800 News the dealership's RV advisor was the first one at the dealership and noticed something was wrong.

"He went to park his vehicle and noticed our service truck was parked in the middle of nowhere and noticed that our big coverall shed had been sliced on the side and that's how they got in and then they opened up garage door and helped themselves to three items that we know of," says Belanger.    

Belanger adds the OPP were notified and an investigation is underway. The dealership has also shared its surveillance video with police. 


She says the dealership has been dealing with a few break-in, and only some of the items have been recovered.

"We've been hit hard in 2018 and this is what we're starting with, with 2019," says Belanger.  "We've had two or three break-ins in 2018."

Belanger admits it's a tough way to start of the year.

"Sickening, disappointing and we don't seem to get any further ahead," says Belanger.  "It continues to happen.  We're talking precautions.  I mean we've locked them up.  We've got lights on our lot, what more can we do."