VIDEO: Unifor Super Bowl Ad Brings Lawsuit Threat From GM

General Motors is planning to sue Unifor over an ad that aired in Canada during Super Bowl 53.

The ad was titled "GM Leaves Canadians Out In The Cold" regarding plans to shutter the Oshawa assembly plant.

The 30-second ad calls General Motors greedy and  "un-Canadian."

The commercial also accuses GM of accepting an $11-billion bail out from Canada, then leaving Canadians out in the cold and expanding operations in Mexico.

It comes after GM announced plans in November to close its Oshawa plant by the end of this year, eliminating about 2,600 jobs.

GM sent a cease-and-desist letter to Unifor on Friday telling it not to use the ad.

The head of Unifor isn't intimidated by a lawsuit saying the first thing that went through his mind was to double up the efforts.

"This is about them trying to silence us and the chances of that are zero," says Unifor President Jerry Dias. "Ultimately GM signed an agreement with us that said there would be no closures during the life of the agreement and they have gone against their word again."

Speaking on AM800's the Morning drive, Dias says the ads aren't going anywhere.

"I'm going to air this ad as often as possible," says Dias.  "We bought all kinds of air time, we are going to continue to run it because it is factually 100% correct and if GM doesn't like it then that's too bad, they picked this fight, I didn't."

Dias says GM felt it would close the Oshawa Plant, without a fight but that's not going to happen.

GM argues the ad is misleading and inaccurate.

The closure of the plant puts 2,600 people out of work.