VIDEO: Unsafe Living Conditions Prompt Order at Windsor Duplex


Tenants in a downtown Windsor duplex are looking for other accommodations after the city deemed the building 'uninhabitable.'

They live at 555 Dougall Ave, near Wyandotte and have been living with dirty water, sewage in the basement, cockroaches and mice.

Tenant Hector Moncada had been living there for 1.5 years but said things took a turn when a new owner took over.

"The city came in and just took tests of the water in the basement and took a test and said it is not livable and we all need to remove from the building because we could like die from sickness."

He says the situation became unbearable.

"The sewer power broke so every time someone flushed the toilet upstairs it goes to the basement and never exits."

Building owner Zixi Wang tells CTV Windsor, she has tried to fix the private sewer.

"I probably made 200 phone calls to different companies, there is all kinds of departments with the city of Windsor, to try to resolve this issue," she says.  "It is not safe for people to live like that, I would agree and I tried to pump out the water three or four times, I spend emergency pumping, you know how expensive it is, I spend $3,000 to $4,000 so far."

A notice is posted on the door telling people to "Keep Out" and there is an order prohibiting occupancy until the problems are fixed.