VIDEO: uWinLoop and SCCLoops Ready to Hit Space-X Competition


It's the next step in a long journey for students entering a prestigous international technology competition from the University of Windsor and St. Clair College.

The schools announced their joint-entry into the 2019 Space-X Hyperloop Pod Competion made the finals in Los Angeles back in April of this year — after spending several months in the shop — they unveiled their magnetically propelled pod at the university's Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Friday night.

Their prototype is worth around $180,000, paid for through fundraising, sponsorships, and the donation of manufacturing services from companies like Windsor's Advanced Engineering Inc. Competitors need to prove a scaled down electrically propelled vehicle, and possibly find a place in history should that tech become a reality.

Don Algama is the technical lead for the team, he says it's been full steam ahead since the team learned it's one of only 21 qualifiers worldwide.

"Between the college and the University, within like three-four months, we built this incredible pod," he says. "I didn't sleep yesterday, there's only coffee in my system. It's been a lot of work. Everyone's been pushing through exams, midterms, assignments. We sacrificed a lot to get here."

Win or lose, Algama says members of uWinLoop and SCCLoops are getting the experience of a lifetime.

"You have business students involved, marketing students, designs students, it's like a company except no one is getting paid and we do our best," says Algama.

Hyperloop technology uses electric propulsion in a low-pressure tube to propel a pod at speeds over 1,000 km/h. The pod levitates on a track and the goal is to create the fastest transit network in the world.

Algama says the competition begins on July 21, but a crew will leave to drive their precious cargo to California on July 11.

Space-X is a rocket and spacecraft manufacturer with tech-giant Elon Musk at the helm of the company.