VIDEO: Ward 7 Residents Pack Public Meeting

Parks, roads, and speeding headlined a public meeting for Ward 7. 

More than 100-residents packed the Siro Martinello Auditorium at Forest Glade Arena Thursday night.

Mayor Drew Dilkens, who presented information on flood recovery, joined representatives from most branches of Windsor's public services.


Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens speaks to residents before Thursday night's Ward 7 meeting at Forest Glade Arena on Oct. 5, 2017. (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)

A steady stream of residents spoke with councilor Irek Kusmierczyk even before the meeting began.

He told AM800 News there seems to be a consensus on several key issues. 

"Questions relating to parks, to infrastructure, investment in roads, investment in sewers, speeding and traffic," says Kusmierczyk. "Those are the types of issues that are on top of the minds of Ward 7 residents."

Improvements to the Tecumseh Rd. corridor between Lauzon Pkwy. and Banwell Rd.,  was brought up several times according to Kusmierczyk.

With a surplus of parkland in the area, he says making sure those parks remain a public asset is at the forefront of conversation.

"Making sure that playground equipment is actually in a good state, making sure our trail system is good and maintained," he says. "We have the second most parks in the city, residents just want to make sure that they're maintained to a certain standard and also developed to."

Speeders on numerous roads, including Little River Dr. and Banwell Rd., is an ongoing concern, according to Kusmierczyk.

Traffic calming studies have been utilized throughout the city to gather information and implement proven methods of reducing problems related to speeding in residential areas.

"These are roads that we often get concerns about and folks are interested in our new traffic calming policy as well," Kusmierczyk says.

The topic of flooding was brought up, but Kusmierczyk says the area wasn't hit as hard in this year's flooding. He spoke to several residents about flood damage individually before the meeting began.