VIDEO: Windsor Bakery Expects to Make 35,000 Paczki's Today

A busy day at Blak's Bakery in Windsor as today is 'Shrove Tuesday' or 'Paczki Day.'

Staff at the bakery at the corner of Erie St. and Langlois Ave. have been busy making the jelly filled donuts since 10pm last night.


Owner Valerie Blak-Gill says they expect to make 35,000 Paczki's today.

Blak-Gill, says they've already received some big orders. "For a non-wholesale, someone who isn't reselling them, are solely biggest one is 91 dozen."

"Everyone wants to be Polish on Paczki Day so that's why everybody comes to us because we're a Polish bakery," says Blak-Gill.

She also says it's been crazy busy since they moment they opened. "We have a lot of extra staff. In total, like part-time and full-time, we have probably around 20. Today we're closer to around 60 people."

Shrove Tuesday came about so Christians wouldn't be wasting food during lent.

Traditionally many different types of food would be given up - meat, fish, eggs and milky food - so they were all cooked up so they wouldn't be wasted.

Lent begins on February 14th.


With files from Angelo Aversa