VIDEO: Windsor Computer Store Deliberately Rammed By Minivan

A Windsor computer store is one of several retailers literally hit in a string of breakins.

Early Tuesday morning a tan or gold coloured Chrysler minivan backed into the storefront of PC Outfitters.


The vehicle dislodged the entire front window and door of the Marentette Road store behind Devonshire Mall.

Store owner Trevor Sampson says he got a call after their alarm went off.


P.C. Outfitters owner Trevor Sampson, July 11, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"Security One called me about 10 after five, there had been a breakin.  Then I came down and found out that somebody had driven a car in"

Sampson says it appears to have been a crime of opportunity.

"It was a smash and grab, they just break in grab what you can and get out basically.  So it wasn't, I think unfortunately we just had them dropping in on us"

He says the two stolen laptops really didn't have a lot of value, damage to the store was more expensive.

Sampson says the front window has now been repaired and they're back in business.

He says similar smash and grabs have happened in surrounding communities in the past day or so.

Provincial Police and Windsor police are both working on the incidents.