VIDEO: Windsor Defence Lawyer Found Not Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

A prominent Windsor defence attorney has been found not guilty on two counts of obstruction of justice.

65-year-old Paul Esco had been accused of trying to get a Crown witness in a case to change his testimony on the day of trial, March 7, 2017.

Court heard there was ample video evidence that the two had numerous conversations, but no audio to confirm what was said.

Esco was represented by Andrew Bradie, who says a conviction would have meant significant damage to his client.

"Serious allegations that would have had a tremendous impact on his life, his career would have been over.  When the matter began the Crown was seeking a period of incarceration.  So it's a tremendous relief for him and to me"

Bradie admits speaking with a witness from the other side needs to be handled carefully.

"You put yourself in a very compromised position doing something like that and I'm hopeful that we will all learn from this experience that you should be more than careful dealing with witnesses especially at the courthouse on the day of trial and I think if there's a lesson out of this...that's it"

He says the judge had difficulty with the credibility of the complainant's story.

"She alluded to the fact he appeared to have some sort of real interest in compensation I found it very interesting at the trial where he was so troubled by what Esco had said to him that he then went to, was going to meet him at Subway for a free lunch"

In reading her verdict, Justice Helen Rady made mention that the complainant referred to wanting to receive a cash payment several times.

But she added it was unsettling Esco had given a Crown witness his business card on the day of the trial.

Bradie says a matter before the Law Society of Upper Canada over the charges still has to be resolved.