VIDEO: Windsor Gets Nearly $4-Million from Gas Tax Fund

Transit Windsor is receiving close to $4-million ($3,912,359) from the province's Gas Tax Fund.

Ontario collects two cents from every litre of fuel sold in the province to help fund transit.

Today the Ministry of Transportation released the amount each of the 107 included municipalities gets.

Transit Windsor General Manager Pat Delmore says this is more than they got last year.


Pat Delmore, executive director of Transit Windsor, attends the regular meeting of the Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee on September 27, 2017. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

He says the funding is based on statistics from two years ago.

"We knew we had a small ridership increase from 2017, which this number of $3.9-million is based on our 2017 ridership numbers, so we were anticipating a small increase so yeah, it was pretty close to what we were looking for"

He says the city has a number of options how to spend the funding.

"This money is available to transit, it is only used for transit and it can be used for capital or for operating, new buses.  So when city council's looking at our entire budget they look at this close to $4-million and will determine where exactly it gets fit in"

He says most of it will likely go to wages and fuel.

LaSalle is receiving $52,271 which will go to cover part of what the town pays Transit Windsor for their route.

Leamington and Kingsville will share $208,322 while Tecumseh gets $191,016.

The municipality of Chatham-Kent will receive $965,599 this year.