VIDEO: Windsor Homeowner Remembers Local Soldier Who Lived In Her home

A Windsor homeowner is remembering a veteran who lived in her home more than 75 years ago, thanks to a local high school history project.

As part of the "Keeping their Memory Alive" project at St. Anne's High School in Lakeshore, Grade 11 students found out where local veterans lived and sent a letter to the current homeowner.

Patricia Murphy lives at 733 Niagara St. in Windsor and received the letter.   

She was so moved that she purchased a plaque to honour Private Samuel Berger, who enlisted in World War II.  

He never returned home.

"He was only 21-years-old when he enlisted and he was just shy of his 23rd birthday. when he passed away in the raid of Dieppe August 19th."

Murphy put up plaque next to her front door and now views her home differently.

"I'm an emotional person, I was instantly attached because you live here and to think he was here and he must of stood where we stand right now," she says.


The plaque at 733 Niagara St. honouring Private Samuel Berger. May 17, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Student Brayden Tessier says the project taught him that veterans are more than just a name on a paper.

"I think it was the best project in History that we could ever do because instead of opening a textbook and reading from page 1 to 100, we are learning about real life," he says.

Student Riley Carmicheal says the project connected him to the soldier.

"I find it really fascinating that somebody would put a plaque up on their house for this because history should be remembered like this and not just read about."

Murphy hopes other homeowners who received such a letter also put up a plaque which cost her about $40-$50.

She learned Berger enlisted with the Essex Scottish Regiment and trained in both Canada and England.  His first action was a raid on a small port town in Northern France called Dieppe.

Murphy says it is tragic that Berger walked down the steps of her home, but never returned.