VIDEO: Windsor Police Canvass Neighbourhood in Missing Man Case

Windsor police are executing a search warrant in connection with the disappearance of a Windsor man.

Police tape is up around a home at 3417 Cross St, near Chippawa and the Windsor Police Mobile Command Unit is on scene as detectives go door-to-door trying to figure out what happened to 29-year-old Jerome Allen.

He was living in Windsor and was last seen in October, 2018.  

Police believe foul play is involved.

Officers are asking neighbours for any information in relation to the missing man.

There is a sold sign on the front lawn of the home and neighbours tell AM800 News, the residents moved out late last week.


Police execute a search warrant on Cross St. April 15, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

Neighbour Monique Harron says she saw Allen in the neighbourhood.

"I seen him once or twice but that's about it, and that was late last year," she says. "I said something to the  police officers this morning that there is a door missing that was on the outside of the house, that was all broken up and I'm a school bus driver so when I dropped off at LaSalle, I seen a door similar to the one that was outside."

She says it makes her feel safer knowing that police are in the area.

Neighbour Maria Forbis says it's concerning to see so much police activity outside her front door, but understands police are just doing their job.

"All I know is there this kid that is missing since October and all of sudden they have the police tape up and the cop cars."

As heard this morning on AM800 News, Windsor police have three people in custody in relation to a missing person's case from October of last year.

Police are not releasing details or what charges are being laid against the three people arrested on the weekend.