VIDEO: Windsor Prof Gives Ford Government 'B' Rating

A University of Windsor political science professor is giving the Ontario Doug Ford government a 'B' in fulfilling its campaign promises.

One year ago on June 7, 2018, Ontarians voted in Premier Doug Ford and the PC government taking 76 of 124 seats at Queen's Park.

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, Professor Lydia Miljan says it appears the province is turning around economically speaking, but the real test will be how the economy is doing in three years time, for the next provincial election.

"The Conservatives did inherit a massive debt and deficit, that's what they campaigned on," says Miljan. "They campaigned on cleaning that up and those are hard things to do, so I don't think it is surprising that the polls are reflecting a little bit of buyers' remorse on the part of the public."

Miljan believes the PC's are struggling in one main area.

"What I think their biggest problem is is on a communications front. They really haven't been able to sell what the problem is and why these big cuts are the big solution."

On the communications side, Miljan ranks the Ford government a C, but in fulfilling their own campaign promises, it would a B rating.

"They did say they were going to clean up the financial mess, the big hit for them and where critics have a big opening is their pledge that no public sector jobs will be lost."

For his part, Premier Doug Ford says his government has passed 255 items in the Ontario legislature, which he says is unprecedented.  

He adds the economy in Ontario is 'booming' and 'thriving' and is ten times better off than it was a year ago.


AM800 News also hit the streets of Windsor-Essex to see what voters had to say about the Ford government's first year in office. 

Reaction was mixed. 

Some parents hope the battle brewing between the Progressive Conservative government and the teachers unions doesn't come to fruition. 

Others suggest Ford needed to make cuts because of the deficit in Ontario.