VIDEO: Windsor Sisters Recount Raptor's Parade Shooting


Two sisters from Windsor are back home after being part of the chaos that erupted after shots were fired during the Toronto Raptors NBA championship parade on Monday.

Maria and Angelica Belano say one minute they were celebrating — the next they were running for their lives.

The Windsor women were amongst the crowd of more than 1.5-million people near Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square when the shots rang out.

Maria says they tried to get away as soon as they heard gun fire.

"Before the actual announcement, I heard the shooting," she says. "I was leaving the square, leaving the actual area, and then suddenly you see a stampede of people just running. So everyone was hysterical and you don't really know what's going on, right?"


Windsor sisters Angelica and Maria Belano were at the Toronto Raptors championship parade when shots broke out (Photo courtesy of CTV Windsor's Chris Campbell)

Belano says many in the crowd had no idea what was going on.

"When you hear gun shots you're not really sure what it is because there were fireworks also throughout the day," she says "So I was basically running with the crowd and wondering what's going on and there wasn't any information online yet to tell you what exactly is going on."

Belano calls it an experience they'll never forget.

"It was just mayhem and when people start running, when you're running with that crowd, you don't even know if you're running with the actual shooter. You could be shot in the back anytime. That part of it, I can still feel the shock," she says.

The two sisters were separated in the stampede of people fleeing the area, but found each other a short time later and were able to get to safety.

According to Toronto police, four people were injured in the incident while three people were arrested and two firearms were recovered.

Investigators are still looking for another suspect and weapon.

Maria adds, despite the scare, it was great to be part of such a large crowd uniting to celebrate Canada.