VIDEO: Windsor Worker Claims Racial Discrimination Against The City

A City of Windsor worker is making allegations of racial discrimination against city management and some co-workers.

Louis Davis, a 55-year-old outside worker for the city since 1989, has been on an unpaid suspension for over six years after he filed complaints to the city and human rights complaints claiming harassment, bullying and intimidation.

He claims he was suspended in retribution for making the complaints.

A small protest took place outside the CUPE 82 office on Parent Ave. Tuesday morning with Davis's supporters who are calling for a third party investigation to resolve the issue, once and for all.

Davis was not at the protest but his brother Rodney Davis, a labour activist, attended on his behalf.

In May 2012, Davis was notified that he was being suspended for allegedly using threatening language at work.

Rodney Davis says this is a gross injustice and inhumane.

"He never said anything for a while and then he came to me one day and said what do I do, like I don't have to put up with this and I said no," says Rodney Davis. "It's not just me speaking or your collective agreement, it is law."

Davis wants the city to bring in an impartial third-party agency to monitor and overview the situation.

He says his brother is holding up.

"His mental health is probably not the best it should be, you have to figure if that were me going through this, how would this affect my family, I don't have my job, your manhood, your pride and self respect. Everything is stripped."

The City of Windsor tells AM800 News, the issue is before arbitration and it can't discuss individual employee matters.