VIDEO: Woman Charged With Attempted Murder In East-Windsor Crash

A woman has been charged with attempted murder after a bizarre incident in east-Windsor.

Officers were called to a housing complex near Hawthorne Dr. and Lauzon Pkwy. at around 3pm Saturday after it was reported a woman ran over a young man with her SUV.

Windsor Police Services have yet to confirm details, but several eye witnesses are saying the woman's red SUV allegedly jumped the curb of a nearby parking lot and tore through a courtyard before smashing through a fence and into a building — pinning the victim under the vehicle.

A witness, who preferred not to be named, tells AM800 News he saw the incident from his window and couldn't believe his eyes.

"All I see is a car flying through the neighbourhood. Nobody's supposed to be driving there," he says. "She just floored the gas and she just hit him, straight up."

Neighbour Bashir Osman tells CTV Windsor he didn't see the collision, but he heard it and ran outside.

"We looked underneath the car, we saw a kid ... the car was pinning him towards the wall. We tried to push the car out but it was too heavy. It was stuck in the mud," says Osman. "Some of them [neighbours] were crying, some of them were trying to help push the car. The lady was screaming hysterically."


Windsor Police Services, Windsor Fire and Rescue and Essex-Windsor EMS attend the scene of a crash on Hawthorne Dr. near Lauzon Pkwy. on Saturday December 1, 2018. (Photo via‎)

Bashir says he had a sleepless night trying to wrap his head around what happened in an otherwise friendly and quiet neighbourhood.

 "It was gut wrenching man, just to see the kid in pain with the blood on the ground. He was trying to move around and we were telling him not to move a lot. It was very painful," he added.

Major Crimes would not confirm whether the woman and the young man are known to each other, but several witnesses tell AM800 News the woman indicated she knew the victim.

The status of the young man hasn't been updated by police, but as of Saturday evening he was still in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Investigators have yet to name the victim, or the woman facing charges.

— with files from CTV Windsor's Ricardo Veneza and Stefanie Masotti.