VIDEO: Woman Finds Wad of Cash and Searches for Rightful Owner

Imagine what would happen if you find an envelope with a wad of cash, would you spend it or try to find its rightful owner?

How honest would you be if you found an envelope with $700 dollars inside it? It's a no brainer for a Windsor woman, that money belongs to someone else. Antonella — who doesn't want to reveal her last name — found the envelope full of cash at the Superstore Plaza on Dougal Ave. on May 11.

Some people say it's a police matter, others say finders' keepers. Antonella reached out to Windsor Police Service to try and find the owner because doing the right thing even though no one is watching is her reward.

""Honesty is the best policy really. I want to give it personally to the person who lost it ... I would find joy in that," she says. "You have a good conscious you feel good and you make the other person feel good."

Sergeant Steve Betteridge tells CTV Windsor she did the right thing.

"You never know, maybe this money you came across is connected with a crime we're investigating ... it could be a robbery or a theft that just occurred or the suspect dropped it or lost it as they were fleeing the area. Could be absolutely anything," he says.

Betteridge says the money can be claimed after three months if the owner isn't found, or it can be invested in police programs.

But that's all done on a case by case basis.