Vomit Causes The Sudden Closure Of Adventure Bay

Officials at Windsor's Adventure Bay say the public is not in danger after the site was suddenly shutdown on Wednesday.

Park manager Jen Knights says the facility was closed around 7:30pm as a precaution after vomit was spotted in more than one area.

She says she's unaware what caused the two individuals to vomit but says it was not an air quality issue.

"Certainly with the cold, we monitor the humidity in there really carefully but we have been working really hard with our health and safety department to do additional testing during don't feel it was related to that," says Knights.  

am800-news-adventure bay-2

AM800 file photo of Adventure Bay

Knights adds it's not uncommon for people to vomit at the water park.

"It's really kind of hard to say exactly what causes it but it is something that happens on a regular basis," says Knights. "We certainly follow protocol that we have in place through our liaising with the health unit to make sure we get it safety cleaned up and get everything up and running as fast as we can."    

Knights says vouchers were offered to those impacted by the sudden closure. 

The park is open today until 8pm.

- with files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros