Walkerville BIA Sorry To See The Canada Day Parade Go

A very Canadian response from the Walkerville BIA in losing the Canada Day parade.

The Windsor Parade Corporation and Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association announced Thursday that they have come to an agreement to bring back the Canada Day parade and Santa Claus parade back to the city core.

Walkerville BIA Coordinator Joan Charette is sorry to see it go, but it is happy that it is going downtown. "It is a great event, I mean who doesn't love a parade. We are really grateful that it wasn't cancelled and that it was able to go down there," she says.

The Canada Day event has been in Walkerville for the past decade.

"The parade will be 'missed for sure' in Walkerville but the impact will be tough to gauge," says Charette. "It is hard to judge actually because being it  a holiday, a lot of the stores are closed but you don't know the residual if somebody sees a store maybe they haven't seen and they think I have to come back to that later, it is hard to tell," she says.

The DWBIA will sponsor each parade at $20,000.