Ward 10 Meeting Draws A Large Crowd

A big crowd for the city's Ward 10 meeting.

It was standing room only at the Fogolar Furlan Club Wednesday night as hundreds of residents turned out to voice their concerns to Councillor Paul Borrelli.

A number of issues were put on the table including a pedestrian tunnel at the Dougall Ave underpass, road conditions near the new fire hall on Daytona Ave and parking and traffic problems on Dominion Boulevard.

Monsur Elahi lives on Dominion and says the morning rush has become a safety issue.

"Crazy. They all rush. They don't have time to yield to the school buses. They all rush. It's too congested. One traffic light. It blocks everything."

Borrelli says he's working on a solution.

"That's going to be an ongoing problem because of the increase in enrollment at Holy Names and the mosque which is very, very successful. I'm working on a solution right now, but it'll require collaboration with the Windsor separate school board, the mosque and the City of Windsor."

Resident Randy Sasso says the Dougall pedestrian tunnel needs to be built before someone is killed.

"The pedestrian pathway underneath the CN tracks, Paul Borrelli talked about that and it's got to happen sooner than the time that's being proposed. There's a death that's going to be happening there in no time."

Borrelli says a study has been done and the OK has been given for the tunnel, but the city needs to come up with the cash.

"It's a budgetary issue more than anything else. The residents are very upset. Many residents want it to go through. South Windsor is isolated from the north, which of course is downtown, and that particular structure isolates South Windsor and the tunnel is an appropriate thing to do."


A big turnout for Councillor Paul Borrelli's Ward 10 meeting (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

Resident Jim Morrison says he'd like to see some action on projects like the revamp of Daytona Ave.

"These are expensive projects, but it seems like they're pushed back and I don't see it happening in the near future. I think a lot of the residents are frustrated that nothing is happening. So we need to move on this and make some of these things a priority. Sometimes the priorities get skewed. Sometimes it becomes political which is a shame."

Borrelli says he's aiming to get Daytona redone sometime next year.

"Where the fire station is on Daytona, that particular stretch of road has to be redone, hopefully, as soon as possible because it's very, very bumpy and it's not safe. I have a placeholder on that, $250,000, just to do the engineering study and hopefully in the next budget session we'll be able to do that too."

The city's annual ward meetings are almost wrapped up with just two remaining.

Councillor Chris Holt will host the Ward 4 meeting at the Caboto Club on October 24 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Councillor Bill Marra's Ward 8 meeting goes October 26 at the St. Theresa Church Hall from 6:30pm to 8:30pm as well.