Ward 3 Residents Share Feedback With City Officials

The Ward 3 public meeting was packed with residents on Thursday night, as people lined up to discuss ideas and concerns they had about their ward. 

Residents spoke to councillor Rino Bortolin and city administration about a variety of issues from lack of park benches to inner city crime.  

Bortolin says the public meeting was very informative and he is committed to helping residents solve any issues they may have.

He also says these meetings are great opportunities for he and administration to directly communicate with the public.

"I get their frustrations and sometimes it is a communication issue and sometimes it is something that has fallen through the cracks," says Bortolin. "That is why we have these meetings, people get to come out and have direct access to administration and have direct access to me and hopefully overcome their frustration." 

Although certain things about the ward were criticized by its residents, Bortolin says the area has received positive feedback as well and is becoming a better place to live. 

"I am excited, I think we are doing a lot of great things," says Bortolin. "Downtown planning study is doing a lot of things to get more residents in the core neighbourhoods. We are addressing more of what I would consider the urban issues and living downtown is a fantastic place to live."

He says he is working closely with police and other services to address concerns about the ward's crime rate. 

"It is a complex issue," says Bortolin. "I mean, is the ward councillor going to solve the problem of drug use and crime? No, not overnight. Basically, if we can get it to a point where it is under control and we can deal with the people and get them into rehab and get them the social services that they need, then that is a win for us."

For more information about what was discussed at the public meeting, residents are encouraged to contact Bortolin at 519-946-5067.