Water Flow Concerns At Downtown Pool Resolved

Concerns over the water flow in the pool at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre have been resolved.

As AM800 News reported back in May, Swim Canada voiced concerns about the current flow which could affect competitions.

As a result, a team from Italian maker Myrtha pools visited Windsor to determine the root cause of the main clock-wise water current affecting swimmers in the 50 metre or long course competition.

Sophisticated testing took place including water treatment or filtration system design checks, computer swimmer simulations and in-person testing.

As a result of the testing, steps were taken to resolve the problems which included removing a plug installed to restrict cold water from being introduced into the thermal section of the pool, clearing aggregate debris and balancing inlet distribution on the east and west sides of the pool.

"With the two bulk heads that go across the pool, that kinda creates additional complications and compounds the unique environment and one of our bulk heads, as many people know, is a thermal bulk head," says Jen Knights, centre manager of aquatics. "This pool is very complicated and it is unique. It is a 71 metre long pool that is very deep."

Knights says adjustments and repairs were at no cost to the city.