WE Trans Expands In-House Counselling

WE Trans Support will now offer counselling services designed for the queer and transgendered community in downtown Windsor.

Executive Director Jayce Carver says the community faces a gap in accessing counselling services, so the support centre would refer people outside WE Trans for help.

Carver spoke to Peter Langille on The Afternoon News and says after a year of hard work WE Trans is finally ready to take everything in house.

She says many in the queer and transgendered community are more comfortable working through issues with their peers.

"We were providing some counselling services through partnership, but this is an opportunity for growth for our agency and our community to really take hold of the services that we provide and make them client centred and client directed," she says.

Carver tells AM800 News she's excited to offer almost everything under one roof.

"Child or adolescent counselling services, individual counselling services and family counselling services. Some group counselling sessions lead by peers as well as psychotherapists on topics like anxiety, depression, marginalization stress and how to navigate services in the greater community," says Carver.

Carver says having a safe space might be the difference maker for those on the fence about reaching out for help.

"Provided services in a space where they're going to be encountered by people who identify the same way that they do, essentially removing that barrier to accessing those services," Carver says.

Counselling services at WE Trans Support began on June 1.

More information can be found on the group's website.

— with files from AM800's Peter Langille