Weather Impacts First Month At Amherstburg Farmers Market

The first month of the Amherstburg Farmers Market had its ups and downs.

This from Market Manager Rita Casagrande who says mother nature was not on the market's side most of the time for the opening month.

She says despite the weather, residents still came out and enjoyed the market.

"The weather was not on our side a lot of times," says Casagrande.  "The opening day of course is always great and then we had a couple slow weeks but now I feel it's back on track now."    

Casagrande says there are many fruits and vegetables to choose from.

"Right now strawberries are pretty popular and they're local so they're really good," says Casagrande.  "They're not the big strawberries, they're the nice juicy small ones you get all the flavour from."   

She says despite the weather, vendors are pleased.

"I think everybody is on track with that they would normally expect for this time," says Casagrande.  "I felt like it had been busier previously in the other years because the weather was a little bit more co-operative but last weekend was an indication that we're back on track I feel."    

The market runs every Saturday at the "Little White Church" on County Road 20 from 8:30am until 1:30pm.

It's open until October 6.