WECDSB Employees 'Switch on Learning'

The Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board is helping teachers 'Switch on Learning.' 

Over 150 board employees attended a tech summit over the weekend to learn about the latest in classroom technology. Employees of the board got the chance to attended interactive workshops ranging from 3D printers to programming software.

Principal of Human Resources and Informational Technology, Doug Sadler, says technology can be used as a valuable tool for teachers. 

"We want to be innovative and we want to be on the cutting edge for sure," says Sadler. "We are working very hard to do that and the staff is just eating it up. It is fantastic. A lot of this stuff is in the schools and we now are giving them some help to use it more efficiently."

While technology is important, Sadler says it is the teachers who are critical in helping students achieve success. 

("It is all a tool. You know the curriculum is the same, the student's abilities are all varying, but it is a tool to reach our expectations," says Sadler. "Regardless of if it is a shiny tool or an older one, they all have value. We just have to keep up with which one is the right one to use."

Sadler says many of the teachers who attended the conference plan on integrating more technology into their lessons in the future.