Wedding Plans Ruined For A Local Couple After Venue Closes

At least one bride-to-be and her mother are fuming over the closure of the Knights of Columbus Hall on Columbus Dr. in south Windsor.

Sherry Bondy's daughter had booked the hall for her wedding, coming up this April 22nd, and was stunned to hear that all her planning and preparations were down the drain.

Not to mention, says Bondy, the invitations which list the K of C address. "We're already out the cost of the invitations and trying to find a venue and a caterer and everything else we're going to need, you know in two months is going to take some doing," says Bondy. "We already done all that research, planning and looking for a hall, so we thought that was far behind us."

Bondy says they've been looking for a new venue since they heard the hall was closed but so far, no luck.

They're now considering legal action to recover any costs that arise from the closure.

AM800 News has been told by the hall's real estate agent it's been up for sale for a few weeks, now with an asking price of $650,000.