WESPYS Set For The Caboto Club

The 12th annual WESPY Awards are set for this evening (Tuesday) and Joel Pierce is among the nominees.

The Tecumseh Thunder Srs. pitcher is nominated in the baseball category.

Speaking on AM800's Local Line on Sports, Pierce says it's great to be recognized among some of the other top baseball talents in the region.

"It's a great honour, I mean there are amazing baseball players in the Windsor-Essex County region all the way up from high school, senior ball — even our college team did amazing this year," says Pierce.

St. Clair Saints women's basketball team captain Shannon Kennedy is up for a couple of awards.

She's nominated under the basketball category for the third time as well as the Mickey Renaud Captain's Award for the first time.

"That one actually caught me off guard. I've been captain for a few years at St. Clair and I've been captains for other teams, but I guess I never really saw myself as an unbelievable captain," says Kennedy. "I'm glad other people see that in me and I feel very proud to be in that category and led teams the way I have."

She's hoping third time's a charm after being beaten out by stars like Miah-Marie Langlois and Korissa Williams.

"It's a huge honour to be named with players like that who have gone on to play in Europe and winning the national championships like they have at [the university] it's just almost unbelievable to be seen at the calibre that they are," says Kennedy.

Pierce recognizes the team behind his pitches.

"You can't have great staff unless you have an amazing team behind you. Like I pitched great, but in the end I'm not going to win a single game unless they're behind me," says Pierce.

Pierce is nominated alongside  Gibson Krzeminski of the U-18 Windsor Selects and Kyle Breitner of St. Clair College.

Kennedy is up against Mildred Okoko of Holy Names Catholic High School and Cheyanne Roger of the Windsor Lancers for the basketball award while she's up against Logan Holmes of the Windsor Clippers Lacrosse team and Andrew Papadopoulos of the Riverside Rage for the Mickey Renaud Award.

The WESPY's will be broadcast on AM800 in its entirety starting with the Red Carpet Ceremony at 6pm with Rusty Thomson.