Wet May Not A Record, But Heat Continuing

Not a record for rain, but May in Windsor-Essex came pretty close.

The month started off with a huge volume of rain, then dried out and turned hot at the end.

Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips says it was like slush to sweat.

He says all the rain came early, making this May about the third or fourth wettest on record.

"By the middle of the month you were two and a half times the normal rainfall that you'd expect for May.  And then all of a sudden the faucet got turned off, so you ended up with a very wet month.  155 mm of precipitation, normal for the month would be about 89"

Phillips says the mix of heavy rain and very hot temperatures have made insects happy at least.

"I'm sure the mosquitos are now breeding feverishly there so maybe a lot of swatting going on in June, because of that combination of lots of rain with water standing around and then some very warm temperatures.  You normally would see maybe two days above 30, you had five days in a row"

He says the wet May will have positive payback for gardeners and farmers.

"I think all that rain, people might have been cursing it.  But when I look at the forecast for a warmer than normal June and warmer than normal summer it's almost like having for backyard growers, gardeners, people who like to see a lot of greenery around.  It's almost like money in the bank"

Phillips expects the heat to continue with June and the rest of the summer warmer than average.