WEtech Program Focuses On Growth In Windsor's Tech Start-Up Companies 

Windsor software developer MobiStream Solution has walked away with $10,000 after taking part in a four-month accelerator program that provides one-on-one mentoring and access to global networks.

Five start-up companies in the area took part in the ScaleUP Tech Accelerator Program offered by WEtech Alliance. After the four-month program, each company makes a Dragons Den style pitch in front of investors and the best pitch wins the top prize.

MobiStream Solution creates productivity software to streamline employee communications and HR applications like timesheets, vacation approvals, group insurance and learning portals.

Co-founder Jason Musyj says it's about growing the business.

"Mainly in product development so we are in the process of building out a secure chat and communications component to our core product offering, so the proceeds will be used to directly fund that development and our target is to have the product complete and polished and ready for launch at a Blackberry security summit in London, England in September," says Musyj.

He tells AM800 News the program helps to address any weaknesses in the company.

"Even having two partners in the business, we are very strong in technology side of things but not so much in the sales and marketing so if you have some of those gaps in your areas of expertise," says Musyj. "It's invaluable to go a program like this and get access to the resources that We-Tech has and has access to and get you over the hump in some of those areas."

The program was very useful, he added.

"We were able to triple the number of leads in our pipeline, we signed a number of large contracts and we were able to generate a couple of very large leads that now in the negotiation phase, I think these results were in large part in the mentorship effort of the We-Tech team specifically in the areas of sales and marketing," Musyj says.

WEtech President Yvonne Pilon says the ScaleUP program is unique because its focuses on start-up companies that have the potential to grow.