What Took So Long for PM to Remove Former Ministers: Prof

A political science professor at the University of Windsor questions why it took the prime minister so long to remove two former cabinet ministers.

Former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould and former President of the Treasury Board Jane Philpott were booted out of the Liberal caucus Tuesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the trust had been broken between the two women and his Liberal team, especially after it was revealed that Wilson-Raybould secretly recorded a conversation she had with Michael Wernick, Canada's top civil servant.

Speaking on AM800's Lynn Martin Show, Professor Lydia Miljan says ousting the two women isn't shocking, but what is surprising is that it took the PM so long to do it.

"You can't be in my cabinet, you can't be in my caucus," she says pointing out the move should have been done after both women stepped down from cabinet.  "To now say we don't trust you because you secretly recorded a conversation where you were being threatened by the clerk of the privy council, rings a little bit hallow."

Both women won't be allowed to run as Liberals in this fall's election.

Both women wanted to remain in the party.

"They just did a terrible job of managing this issue," says Miljan. "They denied and then they changed their story and it has been a constant drip drip drip drip of this and I can't believe that in politics we have been able to sustain the narrative of a story like this for as long as we have."

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says there is a place for both women in his party. 

He said speaking truth to power should be rewarded, not punished