WIFF Reps Delighted With Enhanced Capital Budget

Windsor International Film Festival Executive Director Vincent Georgie is feeling "delighted" after learning Mayor Drew Dilkens has included funding in the enhanced capital budget for the popular fall event.

As heard on AM800 news on Wednesday, the $10-million wish list for the Enhanced Capital Budget includes $250,000 for WIFF.

Georgie says he has been in talks with the mayor and the mayor asked him what is needed to take the festival to the next level.

He says the festival continues to grow.

"Mayor Dilkens reached out to us to ask us what it would take to get WIFF to the next level and really make us the number volunteer run film festival in the country," says Georgie.  "Right now, we're number two and he wanted to know what it would take to get us to that next level."   

He has talked to Dilkens about the film festival.

"I shared some information about some of the capital costs that we have for our equipment," says Georgie.  "Talking about having year round programming for the festival not just once a year but having programming all throughout the year and making sure we stay downtown and impact the downtown community."      

He says he not sure how the money will be used but if approved believes it's for equipment.

"WIFF equipment costs, projectors and sound equipment is huge," says Georgie.  "Again I don't know the details to it but I know we certainly suggested support and our equipment and those types of things are really really vital for us."       

Windsor city council will be dealing with the 2018 budget next Monday and Tuesday.

The proposed budget includes a 2.6% property tax increase.