Wild String Of Crimes Leads To Charges

A string of crimes in Windsor and a high risk takedown has ended with 19 charges against a city man.

Windsor police arrested a man on Dougall Ave. near the E.C. Row Expressway, with weapons drawn.

It capped a string of activities starting with the theft of three vehicles from an auto sales business.

On April 16, officers were called to the business on Tecumseh Rd. west near Crawford Ave. where three vehicles, some cheques and some keys were taken during a break-in.

Police were able to identify a suspect when one of the cheques was cashed at an ATM.

This past Friday, there was a confrontation between some people known to each other on Grand Marais Rd. East near Pillette Rd. — two people told police a black SUV had driven towards them ,tried to hit them and when the driver left he pointed a firearm at them.

Early Saturday afternoon, police were called when the suspect returned to the scene of the original break-in, damaged one vehicle and stole another using keys from the first theft.

Later that afternoon an alert off-duty officer spotted the stolen vehicle and called in other officers, leading to the high-risk takedown.

A 34-year-old man is charged with several counts each of theft of a motor vehicle and possession of stolen property, two counts each of dangerous driving and pointing a firearm as well as fraud, break and enter and mischief charges.

The investigation is still active and police have not recovered a gun.