Windsor Administration Recommends Jackson Park Greenhouse Option

Windsor Council is expected to decide Monday how to proceed with greenhouse facilities in the future.

Administration was asked about a year ago to look at how the deal with the current greenhouse complex at Lanspeary Park.

Some of the structures date to the early 20th century and most only have a five year lifespan or less.

A consultant was engaged and the two options are to refurbish the current facility or to build a new greenhouse at Jackson Park.

Windsor Project Administrator Stacey McGuire says the current facility has challenges because it is nine separate buildings.

"It's not like you could just bring in a crane and just start ripping it out and replacing, you would have to get around all the individual facilities in order to get into say the middle greenhouse and start replacing the structure on the outside of that greenhouse, so it's a fairly complicated construction process"

She says the parks master plan recommends relocating to Jackson Park because many of the plants grown in the greenhouses are used at Jackson Park and a lot of time is spent travelling between the two facilities"

McGuire says removing the existing facility has benefits to residents of that area.

"It provides an opportunity as well, that if you were to get rid of the greenhouses at Lanspeary Park, not that opens up 2.5-acres of green space at Lanspeary Park that can be used more productively in a ward that's currently deficient in green space"

Refurbishing the existing greenhouses would cost nearly $6-million, while a new build at Jackson Park is about $4.4-million.

Building at Jackson Park would mean the loss of one ball diamond, but the Parks and Recreation department is looking at options to replace it.

McGuire says once council makes a decision on the preferred option it would go to the budget process to designate funding.