Windsor Advocate For Right To Die Has Passed Away

A Windsor man who campaigned for several years for the right to die for the mentally ill has taken his own life.

Margaret Maier posted on her Facebook page April 14th that her "beautiful son Adam Maier-Clayton has committed suicide."

It reads: "He was in such pain and yet continued to battle with dignity until the very end."

She writes that she is devastated.

27-year-old Adam Maier-Clayton told AM800 news back in July that he suffers from multiple mental illnesses that causes him almost constant extreme physical pain.

He said he wasn't asking for blanket legislation for all people who suffer.

"It's not like someone like myself wants people to have access to some type of shop like you walk into a 'death mart' on Ouellette Ave. and say hey I had a bad day, I have depression, I want to go. Sign this sign here please, it's not like that. This is something that multiple practitioners need to be involved in, it's always case by case basis," he said.

He said the public needed to understand that mental health is a very real issue.

He said the amount of pain he feels each day led him to fight for the right to die.