Windsor and Tecumseh Working Together on New Multi-Purpose Trail


Windsor and Tecumseh are partnering together for a new multi-use trail.

The trail will be located on Mulberry Dr. from the city limits at Banwell Rd. to Southfield Dr.

Tecumseh councillor Andrew Dowie says partnerships like these don't happen often adding it's a win-win for both municipalities.

"These opportunities are few and far between so with Mulberry it was a good opportunity to tie in an existing project by the city to allow our residents access to some more options," says Dowie.   

He says the trail is on the north side of Mulberry Drive.

"It connects to Southfield which is a pretty important neighbourhood for us but it connects them for the first time from a pedestrian prospective to those businesses at Banwell and Wildwood," says Dowie.  "So it adds a safe option for the residents especially for that area to go and obtain neighbourhood services."        

Dowie says Tecumseh residents will now be able to walk to some nearby Windsor businesses.

"We have the opportunity to go and patronize some of the commercial properties that are at that intersection so win-win and our pleasure to partner with the city and hope to see more opportunities like this in the future," says Dowie.  

Dowie says the town will cover about $30,000 of the cost of the multi-use trail with Windsor picking up the remaining portion.

The trail is about 410-metres long.