Windsor Assembly Plant Running Short Shifts After Michigan Feeder Plant Fire

The Windsor minivan plant is starting to feel some impact from a fire in a supplier plant in Michigan.

Meridian makes a magnesium inner door frame for the Pacifica.

Unifor Local 444 is closely monitoring the situation, but says the Windsor Assembly Plant is not going to shut down.

Local President James Stewart says Meridian is in the process of restarting their production.

"They are trying to get part of that facility running in order to feed the plant again, so again hopefully this is resolved soon and we're back to full production.  I know there's been some small reductions but there's nothing definite, there's no set number they're still going through a process"

"The plant is starting some short shifting, based on the part availability" says Stewart, "but there's no imminent closure of the plant there's nothing like that.  They are making assessments on a daily basis"

Stewart says it has been a slow process to get information.

"Because of the fire and making sure it's safe, it took a little bit to get back in the facility.  Once they've done that now they're saying hey potentially we can get this running.  So they're working on it to see if it can be done"

Stewart says this part does not affect the production of the Dodge Grand Caravan.