Windsor Cardiac Centre Attracts New Cardiologist To The City

A new cardiologist will be calling Windsor home soon.

The Windsor Cardiac Centre has announced it has attracted another cardiologist to work at the centre on Ouellette Ave.

Dr. Ashraf Farag is also an interventional cardiologist from Saudi Arabia which means he is able to perform angioplasties.

Dr. Farag will begin working at the centre next week.

"I did some general cardiology, I liked the place and the city, I guess one of the reasons is the Arab community is big here and the weather is nice," says Dr. Farag.

In total, there will be four cardiologists working at the centre and CEO Dr. Wadea Tarhuni hopes Dr. Farag will begin working at the hospital as well.

"I work with the hospital, they have interviewed him and likely he will join them as well," he says.

Dr. Tarhuni says the addition of Dr. Farag will help to reduce waiting lists and ensure patients are taken care of in a timely fashion. 

He points out urgent patients can be seen at the centre within 24-48 hours.

The Windsor Cardiac Centre opened in 2004 and has seen 100,000 patients.

The centre works with patients on early detection of heart disease and provides a variety of services and tests.

In addition to the new doctor, the centre also announced it has been granted a renewed accreditation for the third time which Dr. Tarhuni says is a 'stamp of approval' of the work at the centre.

Every 7 minutes, a Canadian dies from a heart attack or stroke.