Windsor Carrousel of the Nations Kicks Off the Summer


Carrousel of the Nations kicked off Friday in Windsor-Essex, and will add some new cultural delights for 2019.

That's according to Co-Chair Allison Johnson who says the festival will include four new villages in Leamington — the first time the event has expanded into Essex County.

Just a few of many new cultural attractions, according to Johnson.

"The Caldwell First Nation Village, the Lebanese Village, the Mexican Village, and the Italian Village are all happening in Leamington," she says. "The following weekend in Windsor we have the new African Village."

She says there's literally something to try everywhere over the next two weekends.

"I don't really think that there is another festival anywhere around where you can make a stop and get a German beer in a traditional beer garden and then go down the road and learn about Chinese acupuncture. Go a little farther and experience traditional Hungarian food," says Johnson.

Johnson says the Carrousel goes rain or shine.

"Most of the villages have indoor spaces. It is going this weekend and next weekend rain or shine. I've seen the forecast, don't let that scare you," she added.

It's the 44th year for the Carrousel of the Nations which runs through to Sunday night and resumes next Friday, June 21.

Head to for the complete schedule of times and locations.