Windsor City Councillor Concerned About Dark-Coloured Tint On Vehicles

A Windsor city councillor is disappointed but respects council's decision.

Ward 10's Paul Borrelli wanted council to look into ways to discourage the use of dark tinted windows on vehicles.

He made the request after hearing from residents in his ward who cited safety concerns.

"There is a safety issue," says Borrelli.  "First of all for the pedestrians, for cyclists and also to enforce drivers that are perhaps texting or using their phone.  You just can't see the individuals."

He feels council is fine with the status quo. 

"The Windsor police department and the city enforcers do not see it as a problem and there for I have to respect council's decision not to bring this forth in a council session," says Borrelli.  "So basically it's a done issue."    

Borrelli says the city will continue to enforce the existing law under the Highway Traffic Act.