Windsor City Councillor Reacts To CAA Results

A Windsor city councillor has a gut feeling on what section of Ouellette Ave. made the CAA's worst roads list for 2017.

Rino Bortolin believes it's the section from Wyandotte St. to Elliott St. E.

He says that stretch of roadway is in need of repairs which has been approved by city council.

"You look at the stretch from Wyandotte to Elliott it definitely is quite back there," says Bortolin. "It's work that's been scheduled to be done now on the docket for at least three years.  It was proposed because there was more feedback from the businesses and the BIA for that area and so we saw that was approved and you'll see work starting already this year."

Bortolin feels other parts of Ouellette are in good shape.

"The riverfront to Wyandotte is mostly new.  When you hit Giles and you go south it's pretty good and it's been done in recent years but that one stretch from Elliott to Wyandotte is quite bad specifically right when you're looking the lane along the curb has had a lot of issues in the last couple of years."

Back in February, city council approved the $5.6 million project that will reduce the number of lanes from four to two plus a raised median island, new sidewalks, landscaping and additional on-street parking. Work will be done in phases beginning this fall. It's expected to take two years to complete.